Mulgruvis [muhl - groove - is] Media; established long ago, in a city far away. Now observing the sun from close-up, Mulgruvis Media Productions is based in Phoenix, among the scorpion, cactus and raw awesomeness. Experimental data suggests that Mulgruvis releases are the freshest; so fresh and so cool. Something for everyone. Craig 'the fiendish alliteration applier' has put together, just for you, some kick-ass tunes. Releasing tracks from back in the day, and other music being created right now.

Mulgruvis Media Productions

- Intrastellar -
The Doctor is comin' at you very digital, desiccated, with crimes to be perpetrated in the dusty dry desert; Soundscapes created at a place, that you and I witnessed together just in case.

- Craig Robbins -
Crazy mad scientist - treatin' tight beats like they're straight from the streets. Disturbingly adept at applying too many tweaks to the notes that I keeps.

- Strange Quarks -
Ryan Vandette rocks out killer vocals over Craig's massive guitar tones.
Stop over at the garage and we'll make some empty bottles together.