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Mulgruvis Media Productions has publicized hundreds of music acts and performing artists including: Super Killer Robots, The Whiskey Reverb, Them Jazzbeards, Empty Bottles, Summer Reign Revolution, Tinsley Ellis, The Sauce Boss, Foghat, Groove Engine, One Form of Justice , Gutpile, Anger Is A Gift, Muddfoot, Down-the-Drain, Why the Fish?,  Jalbirds, Filthy Pharm Animals, Phobia, Kim Sloan, Groove Engine, Handsome Jack, Johnny Nobody, No-U-Turn, Gaslight Basement Sessions, Peter Vicoria, Rhubarb, Joe Oliver, Intrastellar Sounds, Reprobates, Speedy Saturn, Craig Robbins and a lot more.

Events and Venues like: Hard Rock Cafe, Club Diablo, Pearl Street Brewery, Lafayette Tap Room, The Continental, The Atomic, Mohawk Place, Nietzsche's, ¬†Evening Star, Club 101 - Annual Battle of Bands, 97Rock - 2003 Blues Festival, Nietzsche's - Exile on Allen Street, Mulligans' Brick Bar, 24 KT Gold, The Old Pink, Faherty's, Mister Goodbar, Laughlin's, Tudor Lounge, Cozumel, Rendevous, Essex Pub, Ulrich's Tavern, Club Marcella, Hardware, ¬†Alternative Brews, Bar Bill Tavern, Central Park Grill, Chuggers, Colonie Lounge, Frizzy's, Fugazi, Groove Nightclub, Hertel Lounge, Jimmy B's, King'sCourt, Protection Status

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